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The Madre de Dios, the Taking of the Carrack

By E.W. Bovill

This describes the capture in the year 1592, near the island of Flores, in the Azores, of the Portuguese carrack Madre de Dios, homeward bound from Cochin, by an English fleet during the war between England and Spain. The naval action is discussed, the value of the cargo is estimated and the manner of its […] Read More

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Some Chronicles of the Larkins Family Part II: The Wreck of the Halsewell 1786

By E.W. Bovill

One in four of the East India Company’s ships met ‘a violent death’, and this article describes the end of the Halsewell, one of the vessels owned by the Larkins family.   The voyage began on in the Downs on 1 January 1786, and the vessel had got no further than Berry Head, just off Torquay, when […] Read More

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Some Chronicles of the Larkins Family Part I

By E.W. Bovill

This article looks at the early days of convict transport to Australia through the logs of Merchant Ships, in particular the Royal Admiral, an East Indiaman whose managing owner was Thomas Larkins. Details are given of the numbers of convicts transported on the voyage, along with the numbers of the dead and sick. Details are […] Read More

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Queen Elizabeth’s Gunpowder

By E.W. Bovill

Trade in maritime stores and sugar with Morocco had been carried on by Tudor vessels for many years, to the fury of the Portuguese authorities who regarded Africa as their own legitimate fiefdom. Driven out of Agadir in 1541, th Portuguese thereafter blamed the English for having supplied the arms. Blamed by Spain for having […] Read More

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