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Book Review-‘ Silver State Dreadnought: The remarkable story of battleship ‘Nevada’’ by S. M. Younger

By Eric Grove

USS Nevada was one of the first of a new generation of American dreadnoughts. She and her half-sister Oklahoma pioneered ‘all or nothing’ protection and oil burning as designed. She had turbines, but the US Navy was still worried about potential range disadvantages of these power plants and thus made Oklahoma a reciprocating engined vessel, […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Seaforth World Naval Review 2020’ by C. Waters (ed.)

By Eric Grove

For over ten years Seaforth, the thriving maritime dimension of Pen and Sword of Barnsley, have published an annual review of naval developments. This is the latest edition published at the end of 2019. The book begins with an editor’s introduction, followed by regional reviews, of, respectively, North and South America; Asia and the Pacific; […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Seven at Santa Cruz’ by T. Edwards

By Eric Grove

A book with the subtitle ‘The Life of Fighter Ace Stanley ‘Swede’ Vejtasa’ might seem an odd one for The Mariner’s Mirror but nothing can be further from the truth. During the twentieth century, the air dimension of maritime operations grew to be of central importance. Understanding the aviation dimension has become key to researching […] Read More

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Book Review-‘After Jutland: The naval war in northern European waters June 1916–November 1918’ by J. Goldrick

By Eric Grove

Rear-Admiral James Goldrick combines enormous experience as a serving officer at sea and ashore with a well-earned reputation as a first-rate naval historian. Recently he rewrote one of his early works, The Kings Ships Were at Sea, as a more comprehensive and deeply and maturely analysed Before Jutland covering naval operations in northern European waters, […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Seapower States: Maritime culture, continentalempires and the conflict that made the modernworld’ by A. Lambert

By Eric Grove

This is Andrew Lambert’s most ambitious book. In it he sets out an interesting and original thesis that ‘seapower states’ have been the result of the ambitions of an oligarchic elite, based on maritime commerce and the revenues obtained therefrom. In such powers commercial classes are given significant power and naval power is given priority […] Read More

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Book Review-‘To Crown the Waves: The great navies of the First World War’ by Vincent P. O’Hara, W. David Dickson and Richard Worth (eds)

By Eric Grove

The editors of a previous volume published in 2010 on the major navies of the Second World War entitled On Seas Contested have now produced a similar volume on First World War navies. The book consists of seven major chapters, on the Austro-Hungarian, French, German, British, Italian, Russian and United States navies. A final chapter […] Read More

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Book Review-‘British Aircraft Carriers: Design, development and service histories’ by D. Hobbs

By Eric Grove

Commander David Hobbs is a very well known expert on naval aviation, being a distinguished practitioner in the field as well as an author of well-regarded and important books and articles on the subject. He is also a former curator of the Fleet Air Arm Museum and has been a prominent member of the Society […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Red Star Over the Pacific: China’s rise and the challenge to US maritime strategy’ by T. Yoshihara and J. R. Holmes

By Eric Grove

Dr Toshio Yushihara has had posts at the Naval War College at Newport Rhode Island and at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. He is now a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, a Washington dc think tank. James R. Holmes, ex-US Naval officer, another PhD from Tufts and former […] Read More

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Book Review-‘The Last Days of the High Seas Fleet: From mutiny to Scapa Flow’ by N. Jellico

By Eric Grove

Nicholas Jellicoe is the grandson of Admiral of the Fleet Lord Jellicoe. Over the last few years he has thrown himself with great enthusiasm into the naval history of the First World War and his grandfather’s major role in it. I met him in Blackpool eight years ago to give him advice on launching his […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘Joe Rochefort’s War: The odyssey of the codebreaker who outwitted Yamamoto at Midway’ by Elliot Carlson

By Eric Grove

The large number of people who have seen the feature film ‘Battle of Midway’ will no doubt remember the rather eccentric US Naval intelligence chief at Hawaii, Joe Rochefort. Clearly an eccentric, but having the trust of the US naval command, he was able to say where the Japanese attack would fall. This laid the […] Read More

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Note: ‘The Battle of the Atlantic’: A legend deconstructed

By Eric Grove

The ‘Battle of the Atlantic’ is a powerful legend. Throughout the war, it is said, a ‘battle’ raged as the Germans mounted a near decisive attack on the shipping that lay at the heart of the Allied war effort. The U-boat was the chief instrument. Convoys were consistently attacked with heavy losses inflicted by U-boat […] Read More

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The Jutland Paradox: A keynote address

By Eric Grove

The battle of Jutland was a paradox, a massive naval engagement with little result. Thousands of men were lost in an indecisive clash that settled nothing. This account sets out its author’s interpretation of the battle. Key reasons for the battle being indecisive were the contrasting characters of the British Grand Fleet’s commanders. Admiral Jellicoe, […] Read More

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The Society Lecture 2006: The Battleship is Dead, Long Live the Battleship! H.M.S. Dreadnaught and the Limits of Technological Innovation

By Eric Grove

  HMS Dreadnaught, laid down on 2 October 1905, was the first armoured ship with an all-big gun armament.   She was the logical outcome of many years of steady development in ship and engine design, hastened by rapid development in gunnery and fired by the drive and imagination of Admiral Sir John Fisher, the First […] Read More

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Obituary: David Lyon

By Eric Grove

A brief account of the support given any serious researcher in his field by David Lyon, curator of ships’ plans at the National Maritime Museum. Read More

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