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Some Adventures of a Seafaring Accountant: William Crickmay and the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, 1853–1858

By Ernest W. Toy

William Crickmay was the purser of five Royal Mail Steam Packet Company ships from 1854 to 1858. These ships provided mail services from Southampton to St Thomas and Rio de Janeiro, and thence to local ports of call. His third ship, the Orinoco, chartered for war service, voyaged to and from Portsmouth to the Crimean war […] Read More

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‘They All Got Off Except the Ship’: Captain Hastings and the Howe

By Ernest W. Toy

This article begins with the early career of Captain Hastings, before explaining why he and his command were off Spain in 1982. The fact that the reef upon which Howe grounded was uncharted was accepted at the courtmartial, but her failure to turn as swiftly as the Royal Sovereign was the cause of her grounding. […] Read More

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A Farmer’s Son Goes to Sea: The Naval Career of Alan Everett Hudson

By Ernest W. Toy

This article describes the valuable material enclosed in two logs and a journal of Midshipman Alan Everett Hudson between 1889 and 1893. The article gives details from the manuscripts, and also fills in the years before and after they were written, until his untimely death from amoebic dysentery in 1905. Read More

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