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Book Review-‘Warship Builders: An industrial history of naval shipbuilding, 1922–1945’ by T. Heinrich

By Evan Mawdsley

This wide-ranging book straddles a range of topics. It will be useful to informed general readers interested in warships and shipbuilding, as well as to economic historians considering the role of the state in wartime. The title (and subtitle) might have been more specific, as much the largest part of the book is about American […] Read More

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Book Review-‘America’s Black Sea Fleet: The US Navy amidst war and revolution, 1919–1923’ by Robert Shenk

By Evan Mawdsley

The aftermath of the First World War in Asia Minor and southern Russia eerily anticipates current events. Nevertheless what happened then is certainly little remembered outside the region. The defeat of the Ottoman Empire in October 1918 was followed by five years of cruel conflict and ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Anatolia and elsewhere. The opening of […] Read More

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