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The Battle of Damme 1213

By F.W. Brooks

The stages of the development of the new idea of the tactical use of the fleet are seen in the campaign of Damme 1213. The general reason for the campaign which ended in the battle of Damme in 1213 was the diplomatic rivalry between England and France in Flanders. The long series of naval battles […] Read More

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The Cinque Ports

By F.W. Brooks

The briefest definition of the Cinque Ports is that they were a group of south-eastern seaports which, in return for providing ships, had certain very distinct privileges. This federation comprised the Cinque Ports proper, Hastings, Dover, Hythe, Romney and Sandwich, and the two “ancient towns” of Winchelsea and Rye, added to the original five in […] Read More

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Naval Armament in the Thirteenth Century

By F.W. Brooks

Prior to the advent of the cannon, during the Middle Ages, the ram was probably the most effective piece of ship’s armament, and Greek fire (the composition of which remains a mystery) the most feared. Although many ships carried projectile weapons, such as various forms of ballistae, mangonels, perrieres and espringales, these were almost always […] Read More

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A French Eighteenth-Century Document on the Construction of Galleys

By F.W. Brooks

Galleys went out of use in France around 1748. The knowledge of their rigging and equipment was then quickly forgotten. The Explication de quelques Termes de la Construction des Galères is a set of notes written on two double sheets of papers held in the Archives de la Marine at the Archives Nationales. The author […] Read More

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