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The Ship-Money Fleet

By Florence E. Dyer

This article celebrates the 300th anniversary of the so-called ‘Ship-Money Fleet’ subsidised by inland levies. The 27-ship strong naval force of King Charles I, intended to control rampant piracy in the English Channel and Holland fishermen too close for comfort in the North Sea, was plagued with setbacks. Manpower was a recurring problem. The pirates […] Read More

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Captain Christopher Myngs in the West Indies

By Florence E. Dyer

At the conclusion of the Dutch wars, Cromwell despatched a fleet to the West Indies to relieve the Spanish of their wealth and seek to give England a foothold in New World trade. However, little was achieved and many vessels returned home the following year. Reinforcements were immediately despatched, with Christopher Myngs commanding the recently […] Read More

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Captain John Narbrough and the Battle of Solebay

By Florence E. Dyer

A transcript of the Journal of Narbrough, second Captain of the Prince, Duke of York’s flagship, is used by the author to explain the Battle of Solebay, in the Third Dutch War, between the allied British and French forces, against the Dutch ones, commanded by Admiral de Ruyter. The author explains his difficulties in joining […] Read More

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Captain John Strong Privateer and Treasure Hunter

By Florence E. Dyer

The trading and privateering voyage of Captain John Strong in the ship Welfare (or Farewell), 270 tons, 40 guns, to the South Seas in 1689-91 based on his journal and the account of Richard Simson. The chief objective was to look for the wreck of a Spanish treasure ship off point St Helena near the […] Read More

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The Elizabethan Sailorman

By Florence E. Dyer

The accounts of the maritime expeditions of the Elizabethan Age offer an insight into the lives of the ordinary crew members. They suffered from bad food and inadequate clothing, sleeping on deck or in the hold. Health was the great problem, in particular scurvy. Expedition leaders tried to ensure the health of their crews by […] Read More

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Drake’s Voyage of Circumnavigation: Some of the Original Sketches

By Florence E. Dyer

Drake’s circumnavigation of the globe was recorded by the expedition’s Chaplain, Francis Fletcher, with his notes and accompanying sketches now preserved in the British Museum. Fletcher’s records range from the reasonably accurate, for example of flying fish, to the fanciful, such as his description of ‘Giants’. The notes, but not the sketches, were published by […] Read More

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