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Book Review-‘The World of the Newport Medieval Ship:Trade, politics and shipping in the mid-fifteenthcentury’ edited by E. T. Jones and R. Stone

By Fred Hocker

In the analysis and publication of many archaeological ship finds, discussion of the historical context of the wreck is integrated into the overall project structure. This can be more or less successful, depending on how adept the archaeologists are at working with historical sources or how well they work with historians. In the study of […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Built on Scilly: The history of shipbuilding on the Isles of Scilly between 1774 & 1891’ by R. Larn and R. Banfield

By Fred Hocker

The Isles of Scilly, at the extreme western end of the English Channel (or the first landfall for eastbound vessels in the Western Approaches), have a rich maritime history as a navigational landmark and harbour of refuge. For a brief period of little more than a century, the islands had a small shipbuilding industry centred […] Read More

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Book Review-‘1545: Who sank the ‘Mary Rose’? ‘by P. Marsden

By Fred Hocker

One of the questions asked of any shipwreck, whether a recent tragedy or an archaeological find, is why it did sink? Very often the real question being asked is, who is at fault? Modern accident investigation techniques focus on identifying all of the contributing factors to an air crash or ship sinking, such as technical […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘Nicolaes Witsen and Shipbuilding in the Dutch Golden Age’ by A. J. Hoving

By Fred Hocker

Among the major works published on shipbuilding before 1800, Nicolaes Witsen’s Aeloude en Hedendaegsche Scheeps-bouw en Bestier (The construction and management of ancient and modern ships) is nearly unique. Unlike more or less all of the others, it does not presume any prior knowledge of shipbuilding or design and so provides a detailed description of the […] Read More

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