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Book Review-‘Jimmy Reid: A Clyde-built man’ by W. W. J. Knox and A. McKinlay

By Fred M. Walker

n studying the history of the Clyde, one is amazed at the numbers of the ‘great and the good’ who enabled this river to produce more than 30,000 ships in a mere 200 years. This list encompasses naval architects, marine engineers and shipbuilders – most with academic training and some others who had worked their […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Ships of the Chester River: Shipbuilding on the Dee from Chester to the Point of Ayr 1800–1942’ by R. Martin

By Fred M. Walker

This is a detailed and well-researched analysis of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century shipbuilding on the River Dee at Chester and at small ports on the western bank of the Dee Estuary. These ports are all in the former Welsh county of Flintshire, now merged into Clwyd. Ship construction flourished here in six or seven different […] Read More

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Book Review-‘The Portsmouth Dockyard Story: From 1212 to the present day’ by P. Brown

By Fred M. Walker

Advances in warship design over the last century are displayed on the covers of this excellent book. On the front, a photograph taken in 1913 shows the launch of the battleship Queen Elizabeth at the Dockyard, while on the back there is a superb view of her modern namesake, the new aircraft carrier on her […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘The Statenjacht Utrecht 1746’ by Ab Hoving (ed.) and Cor Emke (plans)

By Fred M. Walker

The Netherlands, it is claimed developed the world’s first co-ordinated transport system in 1632 when construction started on their comprehensive system of canals and inland waterways. Such connections were vital as the country was a republic of constituent states each operating with considerable autonomy but collaborating closely on key matters like foreign policy or finance. […] Read More

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