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The Sinews of War: Manning and Provisioning English Fighting Ships c.1550-1650

By G. V. Scammell

This article surveys the methods of recruitment of complements for both royal and private fighting ships and their provisioning. It demonstrates how inadequacies and problems reflected the administrative and political fragility of the early modern state. While, on the one hand, wars drained resources and threatened regimes, they also stimulated the growth and development of […] Read More

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The English in the Atlantic Islands c. 1450-1650

By G. V. Scammell

From the mid-fifteenth century the Iberian island possessions in the Atlantic (the Azores, the Canaries, the Cape Verdes, Madeira, Sao Tome) came to be seen as sources of wealth, not only based on local products, but due to the presence of trade commodities originating much further afield. This article examines the growing English awareness of […] Read More

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Manning the English Merchant Service in the Sixteenth Century

By G. V. Scammell

For many reasons, merchant shipping was a substantial employer of labour throughout the sixteenth century. Yet too often, the complexity of the crews serving in English merchant ships during that century falls victim to over-generalization and misrepresentation. This paper seeks to correct this. The great diversity in the size, origins, motivations, recruitment, and mobility of […] Read More

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