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The Egyptian Obelisk Lighter

By G.A. Ballard

This article outlines points of disagreement with an earlier article on the same subject which claimed that ‘the idea of a hull built with strong frames overlaid by a shell is not applicable to Egyptian shipbuilding.’ Ballard explains that the reader cannot extrapolate from a model and make claims about full-size ship building methods. Ballard […] Read More

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British Frigates of 1875 The Shah

By G.A. Ballard

The Shah was the largest square-rigged cruiser of the British Navy. She took six years in building and after three years in commission she was relegated to reserve for thirteen years, then used as a depot ship for another 27 years. Although she was completely without armor she was commissioned in 1876 as flagship in […] Read More

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British Battleships of 1870 Part VIII The Captain

By G.A. Ballard

Following on from the author’s previous account of the Monarch, this considers the Captain. Proposed by Cowper Coles, this was also an attempt at a centre-line armed ship. However, Cole’s design was fundamentally flawed, and was rejected by profession opinion as dangerous for an ocean going vessel owing to defective stability. Due to press and […] Read More

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The Arrival of the White Man in the Eastern Seas

By G.A. Ballard

The article provides a detailed narrative of the first voyages of Bartolomeo Diaz to the Cape of Good Hope in 1486 and of Vasco da Gama in 1497, past the Cape to Mozambique and then on to Calicut on the Western Coast of India. The challenges of the voyages are compared and contrasted with those […] Read More

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The Navigators of the Indian Ocean Prior to the Era of European Dominion

By G.A. Ballard

This paper advances the hypothesis that seafaring first evolved in the Indian Ocean; factors include the abundance of fish off its shores, the expertise of the stargazers of the east, the regularity of the monsoon and the geographical configuration of the ocean. An account is given of the development of Arabian and Chinese trade routes. […] Read More

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The Sculpture of Deir-el-Bahari Part I

By G.A. Ballard

The earliest works of art now known to exist which specifically claim to represent vessels that have made a sea voyage, that is to say, the sculptures in the ruined temple of Deir-el-Bahari with their accompanying inscriptions all dating from about 1550 B.C. They certainly do represent in each case a squadron of five fair-sized […] Read More

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The Men of War of 1725 Part I Their Sails and Spars

By G.A. Ballard

A series of prints, engraved by W.H. Toms, provides an opportunity to study early 18th century ships’ sails and spars. The engravings of the 60-gun ships have the appearance more of an intention to produce accurate representations of the fittings of the ships than to pose as works of art. It is noted that the […] Read More

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