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Book Review – ‘From East of Suez to the Eastern Atlantic: British naval policy, 1964–70’ by Edward Hampshire

By Geoffrey Till

It is a curious thing that one of the biggest and perhaps the most traumatic decisions made by, and for, the Royal Navy in modern times, namely the proposed but finally abandoned acquisition of a new strike carrier in the mid- 1960s, has only now been really studied in depth. Instead, it has also been […] Read More

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Letters from the First World War

By Geoffrey Till

The author quotes from a small collection of letters from British naval officers in the 1914-16 period. Dominant themes are weary boredom on patrol in inhospitable seas and frustration over the little engagement with the enemy, tempered only with the realisation of being better off than their countrymen in the trenches. There is disappointment with […] Read More

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