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The Cooper’s Strike at the West India Dock, 1821

By George Pattison

Rum and sugar, which was carried in barrels from the Caribbean, was landed at the West India Dock, London, with damage or breakages being inevitable. Coopers were employed by the dock company to produce new or repair damaged barrels. Two groups were deployed on the docks, one on the rum quay and one on the […] Read More

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Nineteenth-Century Dock Labour in the Port of London

By George Pattison

In response to the usual characterisation of dock labour as casual and exploited, this article suggests that throughout the nineteenth century a clearer distinction needs to be made between the standard of living of the core of permanent and ‘preferable’ labourers and the casuals and outsiders at the dock gates. Specialised workers and ‘respectable’ labourers […] Read More

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Captain John Willis as a Dock Director

By George Pattison

The Court of Directors of the East and West India Company was a closely knit and very conservative group of men. Captain John Willis was a sailing shipowner who was elected in 1873. The article describes the negotiations necessary to accommodate new practices once railways and steamship lines were using the dock facilities. The Tilbury […] Read More

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Observations on the History of the Bill of Lading

By George Pattison

George Pattison emphasises the importance of Bills of Lading for the student of maritime history. By recounting the history of the document where examples of them are available, this article ranges from King Henry VIII’s sovereignty to the final years of Queen Victoria I. Although the author accepts that these documents are usually perceived as […] Read More

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Shipping and the East India Docks, 1802-38

By George Pattison

The East India Docks, built to accommodate the largest of the East Indiamen, opened in 1806. From his research in the Minutes of the East India Dock Company, Pattison identified numerous challenges faced by the company during its first thirty-six years of operation. Not least of these was vessels arriving in a poor condition and […] Read More

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