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Book Review – ‘Lords of the Sea: A history of the Barbary Corsairs’ by Alan G. Jamieson

By H. J. K. Jenkins

Jamieson subtitles his introduction ‘The Barbary Legend’: that term is appropriate. The subject matter involves a period of several centuries and, in terms of narrative, the theme is both colourful and full of adventure. However, the story of the Barbary Corsairs tells of deeper matters: protracted politico-religious struggle on the grand scale, complete with a […] Read More

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Guadeloupe’s Commerce Raiding 1796-98: Perspectives and Contexts

By H. J. K. Jenkins

Following a very short-lived British occupation, Guadeloupe was recaptured during 1794 by an expedition from France: this led to the colony coming under the control of Victor Hugues who was to acquire the sobriquet of ‘The Colonial Robespierre’. With a large flotilla, powerful shore-batteries, and an armed and disciplined population the colony was formidable and […] Read More

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Privateers, Picarroons, Pirates: West Indian Commerce Raiders, 1793 – 1801

By H. J. K. Jenkins

After the outbreak of Anglo-French hostilities 1793 – 1801 were tumultuous times for the West Indies and Atlantic communities. Privateers, commissioned mostly by France, some under Swedish and Spanish flags of convenience, manned by French, English, Americans, etc. created havoc in the area. Guadeloupe, an epicentre for many of these activities; French black soldiers used […] Read More

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