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The Ship of Paris

By H. S. Vaughan

The ship in many representations of the Arms of Paris illustrates phases of naval construction over many centuries. A less well known example is a bas-relief, probably from 1733, in the medieval Rue Saint-Martin district, currently threatened with redevelopment. The carving is described and illustrated with a sketch of a 17th century three masted square […] Read More

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The East India Company and Interlopers

By H. S. Vaughan

Vaughan’s short article answers a query (No. 95) raised in an earlier issue concerning the change of name of the New East India Company. His research in the St. Helena archives tends to show that by 1701 the company was being referred to as The New East India Company, although officially the name had changed […] Read More

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The Whipstaff Part II

By H. S. Vaughan

The increased size of ships in 13th and 14th centuries led to the development of rudders initially controlled by a tiller below decks. The whipstaff, essentially a long lever attached the tiller and situated on a deck provided line of sight steering for the helmsman and improved mechanical advantage. The relative advantages of side-rudders, the […] Read More

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