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The History of Decorated and Coloured Sails

By H. Szymanski

Coloured or ornamented sails have always been exceptional. Early examples from Egypt, Greece and Rome are described. During the mediaeval period from the Vikings onwards coloured sails and sails with arms or symbols on them were used more widely. A few representations of sails with crosses persisted into the 16th century but there only two […] Read More

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Naval Museums Part VI Germany

By H. Szymanski

Berlin has a number of important collections which include models of 17c Dutch warships, Prussian coasters and inland traders, Egyptian and Eastern vessels, together with engravings and plates. The museums of Nuremburg, Munich, Lubech, Bremen, Hannover and Hamburg have ship-models from Egypt to the “Preussen”, and pictures of snows, schooners brigs and coasters. Bremen also […] Read More

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