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The First Reduction of the Taku Forts – 1858

By H.C. Timewell

From a distinguished naval family, Thomas Saumarez 1827-1902 kept a journal which culminates in his command of a squadron of 15 steam gun-ships sent to China in 1856. Access to the Pei Ho river, and to Tientsin and possibly Pekin, was controlled by a boom commanded by the Taku forts. His journal describes how Cormorant, […] Read More

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The Loss of H.M.S. Viper

By H.C. Timewell

During the Channel Squadron’s summer manoeuvres, Lieut. William Speke RN wrecked H.M.S. Viper, the world’s first turbine driven warship. Thirteen days later Lieut. Speke faced his court martial. The Admiralty accepted the risks of manoeuvring some 127 warships in crowded waters, perhaps this recognition was the reason Lieut. William Speke walked away from his court […] Read More

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