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Her Majesty’s Inspectors in Admiralty Schools, 1839-1864

By H.W. Dickinson

In 1839 the educational activities of the Admiralty were principally directed to the training of officers. A school had been established in Greenwich in 1694 for children of naval pensioners and those who had died at sea but by 1840 the institution was failing its students and their Lordships requested a competent person to examine […] Read More

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The Portsmouth Naval Academy, 1733-1806

By H.W. Dickinson

The Academy was opened in 1733, to provide an alternative to the inefficient system of seagoing schoolmasters, and to create a single route for officer entry into the Navy. This paper concentrates on the Academy’s less well-documented first incarnation, from 1733 to its closure in 1806, and challenges its historical reputation for low standards, inefficiency […] Read More

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Britannia at Portsmouth and Portland

By H.W. Dickinson

Following the 1854 example of boy’s training in the Royal Navy, the training of cadets was initiated in 1857 aboard the two-decker HMS Illustrious in Haslar Creek. In 1859 Illustrious was replaced by the 3-decker HMS Britannia, giving much more space. Due to the moral and health deficiencies of Haslar/Portsmouth, Britannia was moved in 1862 […] Read More

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