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Book Review – ‘The War in the North Sea: The Royal Navy and the Imperial German Navy 1914–1918’ by Harold N. Boyer

By Harold N. Boyer

In addition to grand strategy, author Quintin Barry discusses the ships of both fleets as they existed in August 1914 and then throughout the war, as well as the state of officers and ratings. This book is heavily detailed, documented, and most interesting while bringing a four-year struggle under one cover. The only criticism offered […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Taming the Atlantic: The history of man’s battle with the world’s toughest ocean’ by D. Pike

By Harold N. Boyer

Dag Pike (Inspector of Lifeboats, RNLI, and author) has provided a survey of humankind’s experience battling the Atlantic Ocean since the early Middle Ages. His emphasis is mainly the North Atlantic from the Equator to the Arctic. This area saw the main trade routes develop over the centuries down to the present time. He sets […] Read More

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Book Review-‘The Kaiser’s Battlefleet: German capital ships, 1870–1918’ by A. Dodson

By Harold N. Boyer

In this study of German capital ships from 1871 to 1918 Aidan Dodson, senior research fellow at University of Bristol, has provided one of the few English-language monographs on this subject. This is a highly detailed study of the design and use of these ships, from the advent of the Prussian navy in 1871 down […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘Toward a New Maritime Strategy: American naval thinking in the post-Cold War era’ by Harold N. Boyer

By Harold N. Boyer

In writing about US naval strategy from 1989 to 2007, Captain Haynes (Deputy Director for Strategy, Plans and Policy, US Special Operations Command) has provided an intellectual history from the supposed end of the Cold War in 1989 to October 2007, that saw the adoption of ‘A Cooperative Strategy for 21st-Century Seapower’ by the US.Navy. […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Congress Buys a Navy: Politics, economics, and the rise of American naval power, 1881–1921’by P. E. Pedisich

By Harold N. Boyer

Pedisich (former Admiral Stephen B. Luce Chair of Naval Strategy, US Naval War College) has written a legislative history of the US Navy from the Progressive Era of American history to just after the end of the First World War. The navy, in the period from the end of the Civil War in 1865 until […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Home Squadron: The US Navy on the North Atlantic Station’ by James C. Rentfrow

By Harold N. Boyer

The period between the end of the American Civil War in 1865 and the Spanish–American War in 1898 represented a complete paradigm shift in American gunnery, naval shipbuilding and tactics. Rentfrow, a permanent professor at the US Naval Academy, has written a history of the years 1874 to 1897, concentrating on the North Atlantic Station […] Read More

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Book Review-‘The World of the Battleship: The lives and careers of twenty-one capital ships from the world’s navies, 1880–1990’ by B. Taylor

By Harold N. Boyer

Bruce Taylor, freelance translator and author, has compiled histories of 21 battleships from the advent of steel navies in the 1880s to the last use of the American Iowa-class battleships in 1992. His goal is to provide ‘in-depth coverage of a representative vessel from each navy which had a battleship in active commission between 1882 […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘The U.S. Naval Institute on Naval Command’ by Harold N. Boyer

By Harold N. Boyer

The US Department of Defense’s Dictionary of Military Commands and Associated Terms defines command as ‘the authority that a commander in the armed forces lawfully exercises over subordinates by virtue of rank or assignment’. In this anthology of articles on command and leadership, Thomas J. Cutler, Director of Publishing at the US Naval Institute and Fleet Professor […] Read More

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