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Book Review-‘The Captain’s Wife, by A. Eames

By Helen Doe

The opportunities in the nineteenth century for women to go to sea were restricted. Merchant sailing ships had limited accommodation since naturally the major space was for cargo. Living accommodation was cramped and all the crew, except the master/captain, shared quarters. The master, by tradition, had a separate space and thus master’s wives could be […] Read More

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The Smugglers’ Shipbuilder: the Customers, Trades and Vessels of a Mevagissey Shipyard, 1799-1816

By Helen Doe

The surviving papers and ledgers of a West Country shipbuilder have been reviewed to ascertain its customers and the build and design of its vessels. The company’s main markets included the fishing, coastal trade and smuggling community and each of these is described, together with the types of vessels constructed for them. It concludes that […] Read More

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