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Note: Legends about Wreckers

By Henning Henningsen

An account of the international spread of legends about the deliberate wrecking of ships. Read More

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Coins for Luck Under the Mast

By Henning Henningsen

Coins were often placed under the mast of a sailing vessel to bring a fair wind, a good catch or profitable trading. Examples are given of such practices in historic vessels in the pre-1800 era from Penzance, Sweden, Denmark and the Orkneys. Later examples from the USA, Germany and Scandinavia are also described. Locations for […] Read More

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Sailors’ Baptism in Scandinavian Waters

By Henning Henningsen

Cape Kullen on Oresund marks the boundary between the Baltic and the Kattegat. Those passing it for the first time were ‘baptised’ by ducking and had to pay a ransom to crew mates. The article traces the origins and history of this practice, which lasted into the twentieth century; compares it with Crossing the Line […] Read More

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Ship Models in Danish Churches

By Henning Henningsen

Although ship models are not uncommon in Roman Catholic churches they are relatively rare in Protestant churches. The exception is Denmark, where every third church has at least one model. The first record of a ship model is dated 1589, the oldest model dated 1632. The models vary considerably in quality, some designed with the […] Read More

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