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Book Review-‘The Royal Navy, China Station: 1861–1941’ by J. Parkinson

By Howard J. Fuller

Subtitled ‘A History as seen through the careers of the Commanders in Chief’, this important new work notes that it was not until April 1864 that China was noted for the first time as a separate station from its prior connection to East India. By then Britain had fought and won its two ‘Opium’ wars […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘The Yankee Expedition to Sebastopol: John Gowen and the raising of the Russian Black Sea fleet 1857–1862’ by Howard J. Fuller

By Howard J. Fuller

This is another self-published naval history by Chuck Veit, the last of which, A Dog Before a Soldier: Almost-lost Episodes in the U.S. Navy’s Civil War (2010), I treated rather unenthusiastically in my review in volume 99: 3 of the Mariner’s Mirror (2013). What an improvement this work is. Technically it is a direct follow-on to Raising Missouri: John Gowen and […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘The Milne Papers: The papers of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Alexander Milne, Bt., K.C.B. (1806–1896), vol. II, The Royal Navy and the Outbreak of the American Civil War, 1860-1862’ by Howard J. Fuller

By Howard J. Fuller

After 11 long years we finally have John Beeler’s second volume of Milne Papers, solidly compiled and published through the Navy Records Society (their 162nd volume). The first volume of his papers, published in 2004, featured 672 separate documents in its 788- page bulk, and while it covered the period from 1820–59, its most interesting […] Read More

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The Whole Character of Maritime Life: British Reactions to the USS Monitor and the American Ironclad Experience

By Howard J. Fuller

This paper examines the reactions of the British Government, the Royal Navy and the general population of Great Britain to the success of the USS Monitor in the American Civil War. Its controversial design and success opened debate in the United Kingdom as to the future design of British warships and their future role in […] Read More

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