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Notes: An Unnecessary Ship Loss

By Ian Buxton

A large number of ships were lost in the 1870s and highlighted in reports on unseaworthy ships. One particular Board of Trade loss report (no. 565), that of the steamer Marlborough 2308 grt built in 1878, reveals the culpability of one shipowner before new safety legislation was introduced.1 In great detail it spells out all […] Read More

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A Shipbuilder’s Letters to Shipowners: William Pickersgill & Sons 1903–1907

By Ian Buxton

The shipbuilder William Pickersgill & Sons of Sunderland focused on building dry cargo ships for British shipowners, particularly from Liverpool. Some insights into that market early in the twentieth century are provided by the out letter volume from 1903 to 1907 written by one of the partners, Frederick Pickersgill, He combined the roles of what […] Read More

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Note: A Statistical Analysis of Scottish-built Ships 1850–2009

By Ian Buxton

A statistical analysis of trends in Scottish ship production from 1850 – 2009 based on data extracted from the British Shipbuilding Database.  The data discriminates between merchant ships and warships, construction material, tonnage and propulsion, and is split into Scotland’s three principal shipbuilding regions: Upper Clyde: Rutherglen–Bowling, Lower Clyde: Dumbarton westward and SW and NW […] Read More

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Obituary: David K. Brown MEng CEng FRINA RCNC

By Ian Buxton

David Brown, who died in April 2008, spent the whole of his career with the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors and rose from Assistant Constructor in 1953 to Assistant Director in the 1980s. During his time at the RCNC he was responsible for the preliminary design of the type 23 frigate, the helicopter carrier Ocean, […] Read More

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Mauretania and her Builders

By Ian Buxton

The financial background to Cunard’s decision to build the Mauretania is examined. The effect on the local enginering community is revealed, resulting in the double contract with John Brown and Swan Hunter, the terms of which are listed. The financial problems which resulted are revealed, as the discrepancy between prices and costs is outlined. Read More

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The Development of the Merchant Ship 1880-1990

By Ian Buxton

It is possible to discuss the development of the merchant ship over the last hundred years ago from the perspective of taking typical dry cargo vessels and typical tankers at various milestone dates and trace the changes in features of their design and operation. It is clearer to trace developments unhindered by changes in vessel […] Read More

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