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Book Review-‘A Furious Sky: The five-hundred-year history of America‚Äôs hurricanes’ by E. J. Dolin

By Ian R. Stone

This book is exactly what it purports to be: a straightforward and popular account of the effects of the various large hurricanes that have impacted on the United States over the last 500 years and of the various characters, often seeming to be somewhat larger than life, who were involved in actions during them, in […] Read More

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Note: W.R. Brougthon and the Insularity of Sakhalin

By Ian R. Stone

It took the Crimean War to demonstrate that Sakhalin was an island after all. The surveyor Brougthon had done his best in the 18th century with very small resources, but his results were confounded by the Russians. Read More

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