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Book Review-‘In Nelson’s Wake: The navy and the Napoleonic Wars’ by J. Davey

By Isaac Land

This well-written volume offers a comprehensive narrative history of the years following Trafalgar, arguing that naval blockade ‘a tedious and challenging task that required enormous patience and determination’ (p. 68) was the key to victory. To sustain a blockade on this scale required bureaucratic brilliance and logistical innovations enabling ships ‘to remain on blockade for […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Hornblower’s Historical Shipmates: The young gentlemen of Pellew’s Indefatigable’ by H. Noel-Smith and L. M. Campbell

By Isaac Land

This is a group biography of the ‘seventeen young gentlemen mustered on the Indefatigable’s books in 1797’ (p. 2) that discusses their origins, explores their relationships with Edward Pellew and each other, and reveals much about their later trajectories in life, through detective work in a wide range of archives. The genre of group biography […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Youth, Heroism and War Propaganda: Britain and the young maritime hero, 1745–1820’ by D. A. B. Ronald

By Isaac Land

This book examines the life, times, and broader context of the Naval Chronicle, a periodical founded by the naval chaplain James Stanier Clarke in 1799. The Chronicle would ‘enable the public to form a more correct and enlarged idea of the profession’ (p. 91), rebut misinformation circulating about the navy in the newspapers (p. 94), […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Trading in War: London’s maritime world in the age of Cook and Nelson’ by M. Lincoln

By Isaac Land

Trading in War examines the social and cultural history of the maritime districts of London, on both the north and south banks of the Thames, from the Seven Years War era through the Napoleonic Wars. It is aimed at a general readership, rather than a specialized academic audience, integrating and abridging what we know from […] Read More

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