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The Superintendent of Trade and Fisheries for Nova Scotia and the Armed Vessels Union and Hunter: The Problems Associated with Trade and Fishing after the American Revolution

By J. C. Arnell

The post of Superintendent of Trade and Fisheries for Nova Scotia, based at Canso, assumed a new importance post 1784 and American independence. This added a layer of political complexity to the appointment, especially with the requirement to bestow favours on former Loyalists such as George Leonard. Arnell discusses the political disputes surrounding the appointment, […] Read More

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The Armed Vessels of the Nova Scotia Government in the Late Eighteenth Century

By J. C. Arnell

During the wars of the later eighteenth century, the Royal Navy was unable to protect all Britain’s colonies, particularly those off the Atlantic seaboard of North America. At Nova Scotia the problem was compounded by a lack of land communications. Successive provincial Governors petitioned London to be allowed to operate their own armed vessels. Arnell […] Read More

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