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The Mayflower Part V

By J. W. Horrocks

The arguments for Jordan’s Barn, Buckinghamshire, being constructed of the “Mayflower’s” timbers rest on supposition.   The names of locals are merely similar to the owners, passengers and relatives of the Mayflower project. They are commonplace names.   Three of four owners’ names are accepted. That the fourth was Gardiner, related to the possible owner of Jordans, […] Read More

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The Mayflower Part IV

By J. W. Horrocks

Jordan’s barn, in Buckinghamshire, is reputed to have been made from timbers of the Mayflower when she was broken up in 1624-25. Various factions have examined the timbers to support this conclusion. One surveyor reported that the barn was made of old schooner’s timbers, others point to a fireplate with the date 1618 engraved on […] Read More

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The Mayflower Part I

By J. W. Horrocks

There were many ships called Mayflower on the 17c seas. The tercentenary of the 1620 Pilgrim voyage encouraged a review of available information.   The Colony’s records, Port books and the Admiralty Court provide the ship’s name, the Master ‘s name, Christopher Jones, and the burthen, eight or nine score tons.   She was probably a three-masted […] Read More

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