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Sir Samuel Hood at St Kitts: a Reassessment

By J.D. Spinney

In this interesting paper, the author explains some criticisms by Commander in Chief George Rodney of his subordinate Samuel Hood, which were not made public before his retirement. One of these referred to Hood’s failure to send an advice ship to windward of Barbados islands, so that she could have notified him in advance of […] Read More

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Note: An Admiral’s Cabin in the Eighteenth Century

By J.D. Spinney

A lovely exchange of letters between Admiral Rodney and the storekeeper in Portsmouth, resulting in the provision of green baize cloth for his cabin’s floor. Read More

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Nelson at Santa Cruz

By J.D. Spinney

Once the Spanish fleet had been driven into Cadiz following the battle of Cape St Vincent, expectations amongst senior officers and the Admiralty were high that they might yet lay hands on the Spanish treasure ships sheltering at Santa Cruz. The San José from Manilla and the Principe Fernando from Mauritius, both the property of […] Read More

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