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Book Review-‘Maritime Wales in the Middle Ages: 1039–1542’ by K. Lloyd Gruffydd, ed. M. D. Matthews

By J.D.Davies

The circumstances surrounding the publication of this book are remarkably poignant. The life’s work of Ken Lloyd Gruffydd was centred on the maritime history of medieval Wales; he contributed many articles on the subject to Cymru a’r Môr / Maritime Wales, a journal which deserves to be much better known outside the principality, and these […] Read More

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Subjects include: Shipbuilding & Design

Book Review-‘German Malta Maps by A. Ganado’ and J. Schiro : ‘The Charting of Maltese Waters: A historical account’ by W. Soler and A. Ganado

By J.D.Davies

These two books are published by the Maltese company BDL, one of several local publishers producing excellent maritime history books that deserve a much wider readership. Both cover superficially similar themes and are produced to a high standard; moreover, both are co-authored by Dr Albert Ganado, the distinguished Maltese cartographer. However, they have very different […] Read More

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Subjects include: Harbours & Dockyards