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Book Review-‘The Unfortunate Captain Peirce and the Wreck of the ‘Halsewell’, East Indiaman, 1786’ by P. Browne

By Jaap R. Bruijn

One cannot pretend that East India Company commander Richard Peirce had a very interesting career. It was merely one of many. Much was and is still unknown about the man, even his year of birth and his early sea life. What made him well known to his contemporaries was his final voyage in 1786 when […] Read More

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Dutch Whaling after the Second World War: Private Initiative and State Involvement

By Jaap R. Bruijn

The activities of the Dutch in entering the whale-catching industry in what was to be the declining years of the industry are set out comprehensively. In a period when oils and fats were in short supply after World War 2, to the change in demand away from whale oil to vegetable oil, coupled with the […] Read More

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