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Book Review-‘Britain and the Ocean Road: Shipwrecks and people, 1297–1825’ by I. Friel, Pen

By Jack Pink

Britain’s maritime history is often studied by looking at events on the large scale. Friel’s book does something different. This book tells the individual stories of eight different ships, through which we can get a snapshot of events spanning just over 500 years. This is the first of two volumes employing this approach, with the […] Read More

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Book Review-‘ The Stirling Castle, a 70-gun Ship Lost in the Great Storm of 1703: Archaeological investigations 1979–2009 The Maritime Archaeology Monograph, series 4’ by J. Whitewright (ed.)

By Jack Pink

It is no small thing to cover 30 years of archaeological investigations in a single volume. The substantial changes to the management of shipwrecks and developments in archaeological methods make this feat all the more impressive. Despite that considerable time depth, this monograph collates all the relevant material from different field seasons and organisations to […] Read More

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