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Book Review – ‘From Empire to Nation: Art, history and the visualization of maritime Britain 1768–1829’ by James Davey

By James Davey

The second half of the eighteenth century saw the zenith of British imperialism, and Britain’s rise to maritime supremacy. This period also witnessed the emergence of ‘national art’, as seen through the creation of the Royal Academy, the remarkable production of visual culture, and the vast outpouring of writings that cemented public interest in its […] Read More

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Singing for the Nation: Balladry, naval recruitment and the language of patriotism in eighteenth-century Britain

By James Davey

During the eighteenth century the ballad was one of the most important vehicles of mass communication. The Royal Navy was a consistent and popular subject for ballads and hundreds of songs were published with a distinct naval theme. This article analyses the nature of naval ballads, and investigates their potential political, social and cultural roles. […] Read More

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