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Book Review – ‘The New Coastal History: Cultural and environmental perspectives from Scotland and beyond’ by Jamin Wells

By Jamin Wells

Our coasts matter. They are among the most populated, sought after, contested, and dynamic landscapes in the world. They are also among the least understood, at least by historians. The 17 essays in David Worthington’s tightly edited volume, begin to fill this gap in the scholarship while making an impassioned case for readers to ‘accept […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Vast Expanses: A history of the oceans’ by H. M. Rozwadowski,

By Jamin Wells

Historians interested in the briny part of the world have had ranging discussions about ‘iron men’ and ‘wooden ships’, sea captain’s wives and motley crews, fishers, whalers, smugglers, and scientists, pirates and navies, ports, seaside resorts, Atlantic Worlds and Pacific Imaginaries. Yet only in the past few years has the sea itself begun to be […] Read More

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