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Book Review-‘Prisoners of War at Dartmoor: American and French soldiers and sailors in an English prison during the Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812’ by T. James

By Janet Macdonald

Although not written with naval historians in mind, this book on the early days and inmates of Dartmoor Prison holds much of interest for them, relating both to the Napoleonic War and the War of 1812. The author was born near the prison and spent the last ten years of his working life there, producing […] Read More

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Book Review-‘British Expeditionary Warfare and the Defeat of Napoleon, 1793–1815’ by R. K. Sutcliffe

By Janet Macdonald

This book had its origins in the author’s doctoral thesis, and as one might suppose, is extensively researched. Though this is not always the case with theses, it is also well written. Its main area of concentration is the work of the Transport Board and how this contributed to British efforts in the French Revolutionary […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘A History of the Royal Navy: The Seven Years War’ by Janet Macdonald

By Janet Macdonald

Martin Robson is the author of the latest in the ‘A History of the Royal Navy’ series, published by the National Museum of the Royal Navy, which aims to give an overview of the role of the navy in wider history. This edition is perhaps best described as an extended precis of previous works on […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘Captain Cook’s Computer: The life of William Wales FRS (1734–1798)’ by Janet MacDonald

By Janet MacDonald

In the eighteenth century, computers were not electronic boxes but people who performed calculations to create tables which assisted astronomers, surveyors, and navigators in their work. William Wales was one such, and this books focuses on his life. The book falls into three sections, the first starting with Wales’s early life. He was born in […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘Captain Cook’s Merchant Ships: ‘Freelove’, ‘Three Brothers’, ‘Mary’, ‘Friendship’, ‘Endeavour’, ‘Adventure’, ‘Resolution’ and ‘Discovery’ by Janet MacDonald

By Janet MacDonald

This book tells the story of Captain James Cook’s merchant ships: the four in which he learned his job as a merchant sailor (Freelove, Friendship, Three Brothers, and Mary) and the four which he took to the Pacific on his voyages of discovery (Endeavour, Resolution, Adventure and Discovery). There have been many books about Cook, mainly covering his life […] Read More

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Note: The Introduction of Iron Water Tanks in the Royal Navy

By Janet Macdonald

The gradual introduction of iron water tanks in place of wooden casks is examined, their provision by the Victualling Board instead of the Navy Board explained, and their production by Dickinson and Maudsley described. Read More

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Two years off Provence: the Victualling and Health of Nelson’s fleet in the Mediterranean, 1803 to 1805

By Janet Macdonald

The paper discusses the logistical difficulties of providing sufficient provisions to the Toulon squadron, particularly beverages and fresh food, which needed to be replenished frequently. The logistics and challenges of sourcing these from locations such as the Madalena Islands, Naples, Barcelona and Sicily are discussed, together with the work of the agent victualler, Richard Ford, […] Read More

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