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Book Review-‘The Royal Navy: A history since 1900’ by Duncan Redford and Philip D. Grove

By Jeremy Black

This is a largely successful and scholarly narrative of British naval history since 1900, albeit one marred by the poor production values of the publisher. However, the chronological approach poses disadvantages. By taking such an approach, the authors make it is less easy to probe continuities and discontinuities in geopolitical challenges, technological issues, and political […] Read More

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Book Review-‘A History of the Royal Navy: The Napoleonic wars’ by Martin Robson

By Jeremy Black

Martin Robson has written a good guide to a crucial period in British naval history. However, these are scarcely uncharted waters and it is difficult to strike an original note. Moreover Robson has not been well served by the publisher. The book, part of a series, is unattractive with pages that are too small and […] Read More

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The First Alan Villiers Memorial Lecture: Naval Capability in the Early Modern Period: An introduction

By Jeremy Black

This lecture focuses on the geopolitical consequences of Portuguese entry into the Indian Ocean, the most significant instance of a major change in naval capability in this period. Read More

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Anglo-Spanish Naval Relations in the Eighteenth Century

By Jeremy Black

By concentrating on relations with France, British historians have tended not to devote sufficient attention to the Spanish dimension of eighteenth century diplomacy and warfare. Contemporaries however were aware that the Spanish navy was a real force. A key to British success in the conflicts of the period was its ability to isolate that navy, […] Read More

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Note: The Terriblest Sight that could be imagined, the loss of the Prince George in 1758

By Jeremy Black

An eyewirness account of the loss through fire of the flagship Prince George in 1758. Read More

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Note: Fresh Fruit and Cricket, on Blockade in 1762

By Jeremy Black

A letter written while on blockade off the Basque Roads in 1762 reveals an unusual relationship between the British and the French. Read More

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