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Book Review-‘Liverpool and the Slave Trade’ by A. Tibbles

By John C. Appleby

This slim, beautifully illustrated volume is published to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool, where the author worked for many years as a curator. Drawing on recent research on the subject, some of which is not widely available, Anthony Tibbles presents a concise account of the […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘Ireland and the War at Sea 1641–1653’ by Elaine Murphy

By John C. Appleby

As Elaine Murphy notes in this study, naval affairs are a relatively neglected topic in early modern Irish historiography. In part this may be due to the scattered, fragmentary nature of the surviving evidence, but it is also the product of a well-established tradition of naval history that concentrates on grand strategy, battles and fleets […] Read More

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‘A Business of Much Difficulty’: a London Slaving Venture 1651-1654

By John C. Appleby

The English slave trade from the coast of West Africa developed slowly in the first half of the seventeenth century.  The trade was formally a monopoly of the Guinea Company, but private consortia of merchants also participated. As these traders were operating in violation of the monopoly, very little is known about the scale of […] Read More

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Note: A Guinea venture, c.1657: a note on the early English slave trade.

By John C. Appleby

The Guinea trade, initially conducted for trade in gold, ivory and pepper, became involved in slaving in the 1620s and 30s, and the fragmentary records reveal the inclusion of Tambay, ‘a christian Negro’ amongst its backers. Read More

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