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Book Review-‘Broadsides: Caricature and the navy, 1756–1815’ by James Davey and Richard Johns

By John Hattendorf

Academics sometimes mistakenly ignore the publications that accompany museum exhibitions. Museums publish them for various reasons, not all of which are academic. This short and richly illustrated paperback was compiled to accompany an exhibition displayed at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, between October 2012 and February 2013. Its authors, James Davey, the curator of naval […] Read More

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The Third Alan Villiers Memorial Lecture 2013: The Naval War of 1812 in International Perspective

By John Hattendorf

The lecture provided an overview of scholarship as it stood as bicentenary celebrations were just beginning in 2012. At that point there remained a notable difference between American, British and Canadian historical interpretations about why this war was fought, what the effects were of military and naval operations, and to what extent such operations affected […] Read More

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Note: A Special Relationship, the Royal Navy and the U.S. Naval War College

By John Hattendorf

The interconnections between the two establishments are explored, and the names of naval officers who have attended the College are listed. Read More

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