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Book Review – ‘The Amistad Rebellion: An Atlantic odyssey of slavery and freedom’ by Marcus Rediker

By John McAleer

The genesis of Marcus Rediker’s new book is almost as complex as the incident it charts. In many ways, the book under review was directly inspired by Rediker’s hugely successful 2007 book, The Slave Ship. For all its critical acclaim, however, that book told a grim history of almost unrelenting human suffering on an industrial scale. The […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘Black Salt: Seafarers of African descent on British ships’ by Ray Costello

By John McAleer

Black Salt is an ambitious project: its objective is to document the history of seafarers of African descent over several centuries, by examining their work and experience in a range of different maritime contexts. As befits such a sweeping subject, the lives and stories that Ray Costello has used to construct his narrative are drawn […] Read More

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‘Eminent Service’: War, Slavery and the Politics of Public Recognition in the British Caribbean and the Cape of Good Hope c. 1782–1807

By John McAleer

The presentation of gifts to successful naval officers in recognition of their achievements provides insights into the political and commercial priorities of those who made the presentations. Many of these ‘objects of esteem’ are in the National Maritime Museum. They provide important insight into the social and economic context and the motives of the donors, […] Read More

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