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Note: The Spanish Armada

By John de Courcy Ireland

Despite the flurry of research which accompanied the fourth centenary, the points still outstanding range from the essential role of Portugal and the Portuguese, the part played by Medina Sidonia, the international nature of the expedition and the situation in Ireland in 1588. Read More

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Note: In Search of the Ships that Brought the Normans to Ireland in 1169

By John de Courcy Ireland

There is a contrast between the sea-going ships of the Song dynasty in China, displacing over 370 tons with stern rudders, and the 80 ton ships which would have brought to Normans to Ireland in 1169. Despite this, the Normans were one of many waves of invaders who came by sea. Read More

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Mackau and Casy: Two Franco-Irish Ministers of Marine and the French Naval Revival after 1815

By John de Courcy Ireland

Focusing on two eminent French naval officers of Irish descent, de Courcy Ireland shows how the high tempo of activity during the wars of the French Revolution and Empire and the gunboat diplomacy of the post 1815 period bred a generation of naval officers who were ideally suited to enable the French naval revival post […] Read More

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