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The Voyage of the Jaquet of Falmouth to the West Indies and Newfoundland 1585 – 1586

By K. R. Andrews

The destruction of the Jaquet by the French while in a bay in Newfoundland after a profitable voyage to the West Indies, the loss of everything including the ship, and a demand for compensation, complete with a list of all losses.  The French while searching for gold destroyed the ship.  The captain and master of […] Read More

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Thomas Fenner and the Guinea Trade, 1564

By K. R. Andrews

Following a brief introduction, this paper reproduces a document found in the records of the High Court of Admiralty. It describes a voyage undertaken by Thomas Fenner to the Guinea coast in 1564, but which met with a setback near Cape St Vincent and returned to Ichenor, rescuing the crew of a Portuguese ship on […] Read More

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