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Book Review – ‘Thomas Hurd, RN and His Hydrographic Survey of Bermuda 1789–97’ by M. K. Barritt

By M. K. Barritt

The remarkable manuscript survey which is discussed in this book measures, in total, some 13 feet by 6 feet. It was the result of over eight years of work in the field, while compilation took another three. The detailed depiction of the Bermudan archipelago and its intricate fringing reefs has astounded both those who compared […] Read More

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Book Review -‘Navigational Enterprises in Europe and its Empires, 1730–1850’ by M. K. Barritt

By M. K. Barritt

The chapters in this important addition to the Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies Series are derived from papers delivered at a sequence of conferences inspired by the Board of Longitude project of the University of Cambridge and the National Maritime Museum. The editors declare an aim of giving depth to the British story by describing […] Read More

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Note: An Offshore Hydrographic Survey by the Royal Navy in 1798

By M. K. Barritt

In 1798 St Vincent ordered an urgent examination of an alternative anchorage for the Mediterranean fleet south of Cape Spartel.  This account describes the methods used to carry out the survey and its shortfalls. Read More

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The Navy and the Clyde in the American War 1777 – 1783

By M. K. Barritt

The outbreak of the American Revolutionary War destroyed the tobacco trade between Virginia and the river Clyde. Because of the war insurances prices rose and the Admiralty could no longer ensure the safety of the Clyde by dispatching ships to Scotland, as the few vessels that remained in European waters were needed for the Home […] Read More

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