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Book Review – ‘The Sinking of the Laconia and the U-boat War: Disaster in the mid-Atlantic’ by Marc Milner

By Marc Milner

On 12 September 1942 U-156 torpedoed and sank the 20,000 ton British liner Laconia 900 miles south of Sierra Leone, spilling 2,732 passengers and crew – including 1,793 Italian PoWs – into the sea. When Korvettenkapitain Werner Hartenstein realized the scope of the disaster, he called for help, broadcast his position in clear, raised a Red Cross flag on […] Read More

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Book Review-‘German U-Boat Losses During World War II: Details of destruction’ by Axel Niestle

By Marc Milner

Few ‘battles’ lend themselves more to the compilation of data than the Battle of the Atlantic between 1939 and 1945. The ships and aircraft engaged were finite and in many ways easily quantifiable. Warships in particular were the creations of massive modern state bureaucracies, managed and operated by organizations dedicated to recording every conceivable detail […] Read More

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From Nelsonic to Newtonian: the Development of Anti-Submarine Warfare in the North Atlantic 1939-45

By Marc Milner

For most of WW2, the U-boat war was largely fought on the surface with consequences for the ways in which Anti-Submarine Warfare developed. By May 1943, the Allies had perfected these methods and radar location by aircraft increasingly facilitated the identification of and attack on U-boats travelling on the surface. Following the introduction of the […] Read More

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Naval Control of Shipping and the Atlantic War 1939-45

By Marc Milner

A detailed description of the structure and method of operation of the Canadian Naval Control of Shipping (NCS) prior to and during WW2. NCS was responsible for the organization, planning and routing of merchant convoys in the Atlantic west of 40° and north of the equator. This also entailed intelligence gathering on enemy deployment as […] Read More

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