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Annoyed Every Inch of Their Passage’: Admiral Lord Keith’s counter-invasion campaign, May 1803–August 1805

By Martin L. Robson

Defence against invasion is a prime Royal Navy task, but arguably the campaign of 1803 to 1805 has been overshadowed to the point of neglect. Here, Admiral Keith directed a detailed plan of defence which stretched from the harbour of Boulogne to the Thames estuary and encompassed craft from 74-gun ships of the line to […] Read More

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The Royal Marines Capture, Fortification and Defence of Anholt Island 1807–1812

By Martin L. Robson

During the British gunboat war against Denmark–Norway in the period 1808–13, the Danish island of Anholt posed a navigational hazard to Baltic convoys carrying strategic materials and manufactured goods through the Baltic. It also offered a secure supply of freshwater and an alternative anchorage to Wingo Sound. When the lighthouse marking the island and its […] Read More

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The Destruction of the Danish Frigate Najaden at the Battle of Lyngør, 1812

By Martin L. Robson

The British gunboat war against Denmark in the period 1808 to 1813 was conducted against vital Baltic convoys carrying strategic materials and manufactured goods travelling through hostile or, at best, neutral waters. Following the loss of her battle fleets, Danish Norwegian attacking forces consisted of highly manoeuvrable oared vessels carrying few guns and lighter brigs […] Read More

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