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Book Review-‘Le Grand Routier’ de Pierre Garcie dit Ferrande: Instructions pour naviguer sur les mers du Ponant à la fin du Moyen Âge’ by M. Bochaca and L. Moal Renne

By Michael Jones

Most modern Anglophone readers who are familiar with Le Grand Routier probably owe their knowledge to the ground-breaking work of Eva G. R. Taylor, The Haven Finder’s Art: A history of navigation from Odysseus to Captain Cook (London, 1956). In it Pierre Garcie dit Ferrande from Saint-Gilles-sur-Vie (now Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie), a small port on the Vendée […] Read More

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Two Exeter Ship Agreements of 1303 and 1301

By Michael Jones

Edward 1st and his son understood the importance of sea power for transporting men and supplies in their attempts to subdue Scotland and disrupt lines of communication with her overseas allies. However, with only a limited number of his own vessels, many calls were made on the goodwill of South Coast ports to provide further […] Read More

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