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Note: Ships in Bottles and Their Origins in the Late Nineteenth Century

By Michael Stammers

The advent of machine-made bottles towards the end of the nineteenth century provided a stimulus for sailors, lighthouse keepers snd their ilk to show their dexterity. Read More

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Speculating Gig Boats, ‘Shilling Sickers’ and Riggers: a Social History of Mersey Watermen

By Michael Stammers

Watermen in small boats performed a range of functions in ports and anchorages both large and small around the British Isles. They acted as tenders, berthed and moved ships, carried crews, passengers and luggage and helped in salvage work. There has been a great deal of research on port labour but this has concentrated on […] Read More

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Note: A Maritime Snapshot of a Rural Port in the Mid-Nineteenth Century: Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk

By Michael Stammers

A study of the maritime elements ‘beyond the dock wall’ in the rural port of Wells-next-the-Sea, covering location and layout, population, leading citizens, occupational structure and investment in shipping. Early 19th century prosperity declined in the face of technological and trading changes, resulting in the loss of local ship-building and ship owning. Read More

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The Hand Maiden and Victim of Agriculture: the Port of Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk, in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

By Michael Stammers

Wells-Next-The-Sea was an important and prosperous port in the Middle Ages exporting wool and barley.  The natural topography of the port, its entrance and depth of water were all important factors that led to its success.  Although there were cyclical booms and depressions in the shipping business Wells remained a major exporter into the late […] Read More

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Note: Waiting for Orders – the Jhelum in the Falkland Islands 1870-1

By Michael Stammers

Abandoned in the Falkland Islands as unseaworthy, this is a sad story of the costs of repairs which could not be met. Read More

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