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Sir Robert Calder’s Action

By Nicholas Tracy

Ordered to “cruise for the enemy” west of Cape Finisterre, without strategic advice, Sir Robert Calder’s squadron of ten battleships made contact with Vice Admiral Villeneauve’s Franco-Spanish squadron returning from the West Indies. Signalling for “battle of the closest order” Calder kept between the allied fleet and their port and engaged a superior force from […] Read More

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British Assessments of French and Spanish Naval Reconstruction 1763–1768

By Nicholas Tracy

Fully expecting another war with Bourbon Europe after 1763, the British government was determined to collect as much information as possible on the progress of French and Spanish naval reconstruction. Intelligence was gleaned from many sources, but one of the most reliable was Robert Wolters, the British consul at Rotterdam, and his network of agents. […] Read More

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Parry of a Threat to India, 1768-1774

By Nicholas Tracy

There was a very real threat to British interests in India.  The frequent espionage between Britain and France motivated individuals in the British government to first increase than again reduce the Naval forces in India, thus alleviating the threat.   It was a “cat and mouse” game between the two countries.  Britain succeeded in protecting their […] Read More

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The Capture of Havana 1762

By Nicholas Tracy

The article explains the political background to this attack, and the personalities and abilities of the commanders of the British forces. The plan of attack on Manila, drawn up by General Draper, depended for success on surprise and harmony between the army and the navy. The Spanish were completely surprised, and the Spanish could do […] Read More

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