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Book Review – ‘Wartime Standard Ships’ by Norman Friedman

By Norman Friedman

Standardized merchant ships, particularly the Liberties, contributed enormously both to Allied victory in the Second World War and to post-war recovery. This is the first book to gather together the emergency shipbuilding programmes of the major combatants, making it possible for the reader to contrast the different approaches taken. Author Nick Robins describes the First […] Read More

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Book Review-‘The Royal Navy in Eastern Waters: Linchpin of victory 1935–1942’ byA. Boyd

By Norman Friedman

This is a very important book for our understanding of the Second World War and of the Royal Navy’s part in it. It is revisionist history in the best sense: a thorough look back at archival material and a careful rethink which turns accepted historical wisdom on its head. Even better, it makes much better […] Read More

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