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Book Review – ‘Histoire de la Marine du Consulat et de l’Empire (1799–1815)’ by Patrice Decencière

By Patrice Decencière

Much has been written about the Royal Navy of the Napoleonic wars but, surprisingly, few books have been published about its main opponent, the French Republican, then Imperial Navy, and most of these have focused only on the war at sea. Pierre Levêque, author of a masterly social study on naval officers of the French […] Read More

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Some Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century French Trials of Square-rigged Warships Tacking

By Patrice Decencière

There are but a few insights of how sailing ships really behaved when tacked, though many factors might affect the time to complete the manoeuvre. This article is concerned with French tacking trials of square-rigged warships in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and introduces data on comparative performance. Read More

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Three French Sailing Ship Performance Trials

By Patrice Decencière

A French naval officer, Lieutenant de Vaisseau Verdub de la Crenne, with two civilians, undertook a series of trials to understand the capabilities of three pre-clipper ships in 1771. The article introduces those who undertook the trials, and the results that were found. The paper explains what can be learnt from three scientific sailing ship […] Read More

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