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The Ascent of Extranational Tide Tables

By Paul Hughes and Alan D. Wall

The nineteenth century saw the development of tidal prediction from synthetic, which predicts high and low water for diurnal and semidiurnal tides, to harmonic, which deals with the whole tidal profile. Starting in 1839, France had by 1874 calculated fifteen home ports, and her colonies with a volume based on Tonkin in 1873; America had […] Read More

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Francis Davenport’s Tonkin Tidal Report

By Paul Hughes and Alan D. Wall

Written in 1678 and published in1684, Francis Davenport’s report of once a day tides in the Kingdom of Tonkin had a direct influence on Newton’s equilibrium theory of tides.  This essay describes the recently discovered original manuscript of the report (part of a set of sailing directions for entering the Cua Cam River), presents an […] Read More

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