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The Agrippina, Tender to the CSS Alabama

By Peter Barton

The barque Agrippina acted as a supply ship to the Confederate cruiser Alabama from July 1862 to September 1863. Launched in 1834 at the J. & R. Tindall yard, Scarborough, she worked in diverse commodity trades around the world before being purchased by Archibald Hamilton, a sympathiser with the Confederate cause.  They needed a ship […] Read More

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The First Blockade Runner and ‘Another Alabama’. Some Tees and Hartlepool Ships that Worried the Union

By Peter Barton

A great deal has been written about the British blockade runners during the American Civil War. Much of this has focussed on the contribution of Liverpool and the west coast. This article presents short histories of seventeen ships, built or owned by north-east coast merchants, which were involved, implicated in,  or intended for, blockade running. […] Read More

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Low Worsall: the Shipping and Trade of an Eighteenth-Century “Port” on the River Tees

By Peter Barton

The river Tees has never been as important as the Tyne or the Humber yet, in the 18th century, the commercial activities on its estuary began to flourish. Yarm was the first port on the river recognized by King John, who took an interest in taxing the trade ongoing on the river. In 1732 the […] Read More

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