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Book Review-‘Down Amongst the Black Gang: The world and workplace of RMS ‘Titanic’ ’s stokers’ by R. P. Kerbrech

By Peter Goodwin

Subjectively the Titanic remains a much hackneyed travesty of maritime disaster research. However, this book is delightfully refreshing, and singularly conjures up the below decks world of the engineers who drove the palatial leviathan ships that plied the Atlantic run. The study is well written, and you can feel and smell the grime, dust and […] Read More

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Where Nelson Died: an Historical Riddle Resolved by Archaeology

By Peter Goodwin

Many readers will have visited HMS Victory in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and seen the place where Nelson died, suitably rigged as a place of veneration. But is that really the spot where Nelson breathed his last? Peter Goodwin has brought an archaeologist’s discipline to this question. Through the study of contemporary sketches and paintings and […] Read More

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The Influence of Iron in Ship Construction: 1660 to 1830

By Peter Goodwin

Shipwright Sir Anthony Deane began using iron for small hull components because suitable timber was becoming scarce. As the quality of iron improved, its use became more widespread. This paper describes the iron components, their production, the influence of French shipwrights on their design and an early structural test to compare strength. Iron was used […] Read More

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Note: The Development of the Orlop Deck of the Victory.

By Peter Goodwin

The establishment of the orlop deck as a permanent feature is explained, and the way in which such features have been developed is explored. Read More

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Note: The Fore-topsail of HMS Victory.

By Peter Goodwin

This artefact, the only historic relic left from the ship of the battle is examined, and its display explained. Read More

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Subjects include: Historic Vessels, Museums & Restoration